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Welcome to the Primary Care Neurology Society, the only UK society established for primary care professionals with an interest in neurology.


Latest Neurology News for Primary Care

Included in our latest news bulletin is news on new neurology data packs released for CCGs, and a study that looks at treating headached with regular botox. To read all the latest stories and to look back at some of our previous news bulletins click here.

News from the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network

Best Practice made easy with new tools -  A range of validated assessment scales and tools designed to support better care are now available from the Excellence Network online resource centre. Click here to find out more about this news story and other news from the network.

Key Activities

Neurology Red Flags: What to do next? 8 June

In response to a number of requested we are delighted to have consultant neurologist, Dr Martin Turner, leading this P-CNS workshop It is an ideal opportunity for primary care practitioners to refresh their knowledge and skills in identifying and taking appropriate action when patients present with key neurology "red flags'.

Neurosrehab expo

Neurological Rehabilitation Expo, 15-16th June,

The UK's largest show for medical professionals working in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions.


Neurodigest is a supplement to the renowned ACNR journal for both primary care and community care professionals with an interest in neurology and rehabilitation. It offer a quick overview of key areas of relevant to everyday practice. The second issue has just been released.

Primary Care and Public Health

Primary Care and Public Health 2016
This year’s Primary Care and Public Health conference, 18-19 May, will feature a Primary Care Neurology Society talk by Dr Mike Dilley – ‘Deciphering functional neurological symptoms in general practice’. Other neurology talks include ‘Motor Neurone Disease, when NICE guidelines come into their own’ by Dr David Oliver


ebrain is a world first, and represents the largest, most comprehensive web-based training multimedia facility in clinical neurosciences to support both training and Continuous Professional Development for those working in relevant fields.


Fast Facts
The Fast Facts books are an excellent resource for any primary care professionals, providing clear and relevant information both to healthcare professionals. Included in this series are the books on Parkinson's and epilepsy. If you wish to read the reviews provided by Dr Alistair Church (Parkinson's) and Dr Karen Lanyon (Epilepsy) click on the links below.


Videos from recent P-CNS events have been added to the website. These include presentations from the workshop on Parkinson's lead by Dr Tom Britton and Headaches lead by Dr Andy Dowson.


Neurosymptoms - a guide to functional and dissociative neurological symptoms

Website written by a neurologist with a special interest in these problems which aims to give a better understanding of these symptoms.