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Welcome to the Primary Care Neurology Society, the only UK society established for primary care professionals with an interest in neurology.


Identifying treatment targets for migraine

This is one of the stories that feature in our latest newsletter which you can read from here

News from the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network

In latest newsletter Professor David Burn talks about how the recently launched Excellence Network Awards will help make quality services standard for everyone living with Parkinson’s Click here to find out more about this news story and information on the new resource on avoiding unnecessary admissions.

Key Activities

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Sleep Disorders

Trigeminal Neuralgia, 5th Study Day,
Sat 3rd of June

Improve understanding of the diagnosis and management of trigeminal neuralgia through interaction between sufferers of the condition and healthcare professionals


Dizziness and Balance workshop, 10th May, London
Dizziness is a common symptom in patients presenting to the emergency department, stroke unit, and general practice. This 1 day interactive workshop will support healthcare professionals to effectively diagnose and manage dizziness across a range of clinical settings. It includes short, focused talks, and hands-on practical workshops.


ebrain is a world first, and represents the largest, most comprehensive web-based training multimedia facility in clinical neurosciences to support both training and Continuous Professional Development for those working in relevant fields.


Neurodigest - issue 3
The latest issue of Neurodigest includes a round up of key news items relevant to primary care, along with some excellent articles covering a range of areas including some top tips from GP Dr Greg Rogers for improving epilepsy healthcare provision,  commissioning and rehabilitation.


Videos from recent P-CNS events have been added to the website. These include presentations from the workshop on Parkinson's lead by Dr Tom Britton and Headaches lead by Dr Andy Dowson.


Neurosymptoms - a guide to functional and dissociative neurological symptoms

Website written by a neurologist with a special interest in these problems which aims to give a better understanding of these symptoms.